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Designed Standard
We are committed to ensure its products meet the relevant international standards. As such, our technical expertise covers standards for EN40, BS 5649, ILE Technical Report No.7, BS 8100, AS/NZS 1664, AS 4100, AASHTO, ASCE 10-97, ASCE Manual No.72, TIA/EIA-222-F, NSCP 5th Edition, IS 875, and BNBC to name a few. Any other international standards may be considered in the design upon request.

Aluminium Material
All Aluminium pole products are manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy of grade 6063 - T6 tempered. The high tensile alloy is produced through an extrusion process with profile specially designed for lighting columns purpose.

Steel Material
All steel products are manufactured from high quality structural steel conforming to ASTM A6, A 36 and A572. The steel material we use comes from reputable steel mills and mill certificates are submitted in all our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) reports. Third party inspection by SGS can be arranged upon request.

Structural Joints
All joints in an Alupole product are carefully designed to ensure no connection failure. For aluminium poles, parts are all joined by bolts or special connectors conforming to the requirements of Aluminum Extruders Council, USA. There are no unsightly welding joints on an Alupole product. Our welding finish are of superior quality to ensure long product life. And where required, every care is taken to avoid corrosion due to dissimilar materials.

Public Safety
When it comes to safety, an Alupole product surpasses all others as Alupole products are specially designed with safety in mind. Whilst maintaining and strength during normal service, Alupole also posses superb impact energy absorption characteristics for the "street furniture" products, so that an impacting vehicle would tend to suffer less damage and thus protect its occupants.

An Alupole pole product can come in a number of finishes. Because of the corrosion-resistant nature of Aluminium for poles, the finished extrusion product can be used "as-is" without further corrosion protection treatment. However, there are other finishes such as anodizing, epoxy powder coating and painting which are readily available in their respective standard color codes. For steel products, hot-dip galvanising is normally employed. For additional aesthetic value, a galvanised pole can be applied the additional epoxy powder coating to the required RAL colour.

All our towers are trial assembled prior to mass production. Where required our poles and towers can be subject to full-scale type testing. Galvanising tests are carried out on all our galvanised steel products as part of our ISO 9001:2008 procedure.