QA/QC Activities


The raw material/product/accessories usually undergo certain type test based on our customer requirement. Any test is either done at the factory or outsource testing lab, the specific standard will be referred to ensure all of our goods exceed the minimum requirement thus provide the best quality product to our customer. Usually any type of testing will be executed before the mass production.

For our product, it will undergo a trial assembly which is also referred as prototype assembly where the sample products of our poles/towers are erected based on its actual at site. Usually at this stage, the dimensional inspection will be done based on approved drawing while can be witnesses by customer if necessary. Another purpose is to provide the customer with guide for poles/towers installation. However, this stage is based on our customer requirement thus can be skipped to avoid higher cost in overall process.


Inspections which are also known as routine test are the most crucial stage during the whole production process, only an effective inspection plan will ensure all of our products have the best quality in the market. From the flow chart there are three types of inspections which are incoming, in process and outgoing inspection. At every stage, this inspection will be done by experienced inspectors & monitored by qualified officer. Inspections of our product are further divided to several categories which are:

Dimensional – At this stage the product will be inspected for their fabrication quality as well as dimensional based on approved drawing. Visual checking also executed at this stage for any defect such as scratch, burr, crack, welding defect, and other else.

Galvanizing / Painting – As the final protective layer for any steel product, this is the most crucial stage for the whole process to make sure the lifespan of our product will last longer and exceeding our customer’s expectations. Based on the project, some of our structure are only required galvanizing while some other required both galvanizing and painting. This inspection will be done using a calibrated elcometer to make sure no misreading will happen during the inspection.

Accessories – As well as our product and raw material, the accessories also required several routine tests to ensure all the specifications have been met. It includes also dimensional and galvanizing inspection with refers to the respective inspection standard.

Quantity – Our final inspection at every stage, the quantity checking must be done to ensure no missing members/structures/accessories before the shipment of our goods. The quantity must be tally with the order quantity from the customer. Final quantity checking also done after/during the F.A.T before delivery.